Crescent House December 2023 update

In December, planning and listed building consent was granted for the Crescent House windows refurbishment project. Now that planning permission is in place, the project team can finalise the scope of the works; along with the obvious elements like the windows themselves, the team must consider existing mould and damp removal, how residents are relocated during works, care of their possessions etc. Once the scope of the project is finalised the Quantity Surveyor can work up final cost estimates.

Last year, the team completely refurbished flat 347 as a pilot to be better informed on costs and any practical challenges which may arise. Subsequently, in November, residents and other stakeholders were able to visit the finished flat to see the vacuum glazed windows (see photo) and overall quality of works.

During the coming cold months, the pilot flat will undergo ‘lived-in’ testing. This means essential data can be collected on how the new ventilation system deals with real life shower taking, laundry drying and water boiling etc! Towards the end of January, Crescent House residents will have the opportunity to meet the ventilation system expert and find out more about the design of the system and the testing that has already been undertaken.  

Here's an approximate timeline of how the programme will unfold during the year:

   Finalising Scope of Work: January / February 2024

   Budget Cost Estimates: March 2024

   Tender Process: April 2024 – July 2024

   Resident Needs Assessment: to happen concurrently

   Contractor Appointment: July/ August 2024

   Start on Site: September 2024

PLEASE NOTE There are additional elements to factor in like discharge of conditions and Section 20 statutory obligations (consulting with leaseholders) which may affect the timings.