Have we given up on first floor soffit and upstand insulation? Soffits and ventilation are actually really major issues on the first floor flats that back onto the corridor. A test drill of the wall beneath the windows in my flat was done and it showed there was a cavity that could take insulation. Otherwise, the First floor flat leaseholders look like they’re potentially going to be asked for 70k + just to replace a single band of windows above 1m - which in my case are in very good condition. Will insulation be installed behind the replaced mosaics - if not, why not? It's what we were told would happen? Can I opt out of an insulation?

The soffit insulation work is due to be undertaken as part of the Main Contract Works. It is not anticipated that insulation will be installed behind the mosaics as these are not going to be fully replaced but repaired where they are damaged.

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