After Pilot Project and flats below (Flats 147/247) are finished in December 2023, which flats will be the next three? Flats 149/249/349 or Flats 145/245/345? Which way scaffolding will move? North or South? Why can't the works be done using exterior scaffolded access as is usual for such works to residential buildings? 

The Pilot Project is being undertaken in Flat 347 only. No other flats are being refurbished until the main project starts in 2024. Once the Project has been tendered and a Contractor has been appointed, a programme for the works will be agreed with the contractor which will clearly identify a sequence of work.

The work involves a lot of internal work to the windows, bookshelves and surrounding timber and glass panels. The contractor will have to protect furniture and areas of work prior to starting work, if he is required to protect and remove the protection on a daily basis to accommodate residents in situ, this will considerably add to the programme, potentially doubling the time the works will take. It has been agreed that the strategy should be to minimise the disruption to residents. By moving residents into temporary accommodation this will dramatically speed up the programme of work and minimise disruption to residents.

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